What's up. I'm Kevin. You can call me UWBW (I've been told it's pronounced "ubwub"). I did a song for a Homestuck album once, and I make a lot of other music too, from time to time.


So last night…

Trigger warning: actual blogging [Audience Gasps]

I was at a party and a girl I’ve never met before came up to me and informed me that “at least 4 girls that I’ve talked to think that you’re evil. “I have no idea who they are, or who she was.

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On “Privilege”

If you get offended easily, read this anyway and suck it up. You could use a little spine.

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respect peoples’ gender pronouns or i wont respect you

If you expect people in the real world to use special made up pronouns from Tumblr, you will be left disappointed. You’re going to be extremely lonely when you enter the real world, if you carry those beliefs with you. No one is going to call you zie/thon/co.

alright cool so i take it youve never actually been anywhere in the outside world beyond your myopic little tumblr.com bubble where social justice only exists as a fun set of buzzwords for those whiny speshul snowflake 15 year olds you just cant stand to latch onto

but here’s a fun fact to mull over; there are entire, fully functioning systems of theory and practice surrounding gender, gender constructs, and sexuality that have existed for decades and the fact that youve never bothered taking your head out of your ass doesnt mean they dont exist!

like, holy damn, ive worked in offices where people use alternative pronouns, on political campaigns, in universities, been to meetings and gatherings that take place in the real, lived world, ive met and befriended people who have twice the lived experience i do who happen to use zie/hir pronouns and im going to bet they have a hell of a lot more experience being in the real world than you do

man im not even posting this because im “upset” (but seeing as how your blog is an unending stream of whining at people for being ‘offended’ and ‘oversensitive’ and derailing term #494955847372 im sure youll think otherwise) but this whole idea that queerness only exists on tumblr.com has to stop, its an idea thats perpetuated by people with absolutely infantile ideas of what queer theory actually is, people who run blogs covered in sparklee text and comic sans and who seem to think that theyre somehow the designated arbiters of what is and isnt “real life”

so basically im asking two things of you; 1. stop pretending queer theory only exists on tumblr.com and is solely the home of EDGY SPESHUL SNOWFLAKES or whatever (you don’t even have to agree with it on a fundamental level just stop repeating this fallacy) and 2. please don’t reblog my posts or interact with me because you just seem like a rude and unpleasant person who makes inane assumptions about people and really wants attention and to perpetuate unnecessary drama


Oh God this needs to stop. If I decided today that I believe, with my whole heart, that I should have been born as a dragon, and you must refer to me as “Sir Shmoop-tickler the Second, Lord of Aubergines”, Tumblr would travel to the end of the earth to defend my decision.

But the fact is, that’s fucking insane. And if you overly-competitive social justice bloggers would take the time to breathe instead of yelling, you’d realize I was a fucking idiot, regardless of whether I truly believed my story or not. 

Saying “I won’t respect anyone who does X” is just as disrespectful, perhaps moreso, than whoever is doing “X” in the first place. People who say things like what OP said up there are the reason, perhaps the biggest reason, that gender rights is still such a hotly debated issue. [Most] gay guys don’t go around punching straight people for being straight, regardless if the opposite has happened to other people. Being part of an oppressed group does not give you the right to dictate the actions of others.

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A Friendly Reminder

Reblogging is not blogging.

Blogging involves the discussion of ideas, events, or people. The key thing here is that you’re not simply adding the words “OH MY GOD BECKY LOOK AT THIS OMG WHAT IS AIR” to a picture, a gif, or a movie. You’re actually talking about it.

The creation of content is what defines a blog, whether that content is art, music, or  text. 

I don’t claim to have a blog here on tumblr. I just have a collection of things that I like.